Make Positive Health a Habit

To become a Positive Health Leader (PHL) it will take practice, practice, practice. I recommend everyone try to do something representing PHL ideals EVERY DAY, or as often as possible. By doing something small but supportive of PHL, our skills will increase, we will make a positive impact on the world, and will help it become a habit.

To do Positive Health Leadership it takes practice and effort. It also means being confused. I just finished, Search Inside Yourself by Tan and saw this great and fitting quote:

Lewis and Clark were lost most of the time. If your idea of exploration is to always know where you are and to be inside your zone of competence, you don’t do wild new shit. You have to be confused, upset, and think you’re stupid. If you’re not willing to do that, you can’t go outside the box.

To help everyone learn how we can start putting these ideas in action, I have posted below. I encourage all to share what they are doing as a comment below this post.

I also recommend all follow this blog by clicking on follow this blog via email. That way each time someone posts efforts made you can learn about them. Also to help move our efforts forward offer words of encouragement, suggestions or help. If we all use this blog, we will learn faster and multiply our efforts in making a positive difference.

Thank you in advance for all you do!

Positive Health in Action

So what can we do? Here is an example. I recently read Search Inside Yourself by Tan. In the book it discussed the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team (see at:
The Dysfunctions pyramid describes and explains what leads to or causes inattention to results which of course is undesirable. The pyramid therefore shows that absence of trust(base), causes fear of conflict which leads to lack of commitment so there is avoidance of accountability which is why there is inattention to results.

As an exercise to become better at PHL I thought, what if this idea was turned around. Instead of discovering what leads to inattention to results, think about what leads to attention to results – something everyone wants on a team. Also by changing to a positive focus, this then would change our actions.

If the pyramid was about what leads to attention on results we would want to be engaged in activities to build trustworthiness so people on the team felt freedom and support to use creativity which would create ownership and commitment to ideals which is something they would want to be accountable for and this therefore results in attention to results. A desirable, positive outcome.

To me this is an example of how to apply PHL because it is about how to get desired results, not about how to avoid undesired outcomes.

I have heard others are trying to do some positive actions that are support the ideals of PHL. Please, I share your efforts so we can help, learn, and grow into who we want to be!