Arabic Version of Salutogenic Wellness Promotion Scale

If you are interested I encourage you to look at the article I did with Dr. Al-Hadid in Jordan about the Arabic version of the Salutogenic Wellness Promotion Scale developed.

Article AJHE-Arabic SWPS

Below is the abstract:


Viewing an individual’s ability to not just maintain but improve good health conditions is a positive perspective of health provided by wellness promotion. Although crucial in today’s understanding of health, no Arabic tools were found to measure this concept.


The purpose of this study was to validate and measure the psychometric properties of the Salutogenic Wellness Promotion Scale–Arabic version (SWPS–Arabic), a tool designed to measure positive health.


A cross-sectional design was used on Jordanian university students. The sample consisted of 640 self-selected students to conduct an exploratory factor analysis with a cutoff value of 0.40. A demographic questionnaire and the 26-item SWPS–Arabic were the measures used to collect the data.


The final 20-item, 4-factor SWPS–Arabic had an overall Cronbach’s alpha of .941; the factors had Cronbach’s alpha ranges of .900 to .734. These factors were labeled as follows: socio-spiritual, physico-vocational, emotional, and intellectual. The first 4 items explained 55% of the total variance.


The SWPS–Arabic is reliable and valid, but further psychometric evaluation is needed.

Translation to Health Education Practice

Using this tool assists educators in structuring strategies and plans for wellness promotion.

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