Make it a Great Journey

I have the opportunity to work with wise and wonderful people. One of those wonderful and wise persons is humorist Izzy Gessell. I learn so much working with great people. For instance,  In recent conversations about a project, one of our colleagues posted this quote:

“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what a ship is built for”

In seeing that quote, Izzy shared this story from the Talmud:

“In a harbor, two ships sailed, one setting forth on a voyage, the other coming home to port. Everyone cheered the ship going out, but the ship sailing in was hardly noticed. To this, a wise man said, “Do not rejoice over a ship setting out to sea, for you cannot know what terrible storms it may encounter, Rejoice rather over the ship that has safely reached port and brings its passengers home in peace,” And this is the way of the world. When a child is born, all rejoice; when someone dies, all weep. We should do the opposite. For no one can tell what trials await a newborn child; but when a mortal dies in peace, we should rejoice, for he has completed a long journey, and there is no greater boon than to leave this world with the imperishable crown of a good name.”

With this in mind it drives home my thoughts that I have to make an effort to make my journey good. To me the way to make the journey good is to practice paneugenesis so I create interactions for everyone and everything benefits. Hopefully this way, after we are gone, they will celebrate our journey because we left a better place than it could have been otherwise. Make it a Great day and Week!

Be Well’r,

Craig Becker

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