Whole Earth Discipline Caused New Thoughts

Whole Earth Discipline, a book written by biologist Stewart Brand, famous for the Whole Earth Catalog was mind blowing. In the book he presented scientifically documented facts about issues related to the climate and our well-being. Most specifically he caused me to rethink my stance about Genetically Modified or Engineered Foods (GMO’s – what he refers to as GE).

His presentation as a biologist is giving me a whole new appreciation for genetically engineered foods. It has inspired me to look into the issue more as he sites the monumental gains from GE drugs and foods and why it is better for the earth and us to have GE Foods. It seems he has presented a solid scientific presentation about the issue. It makes me wonder about the many claims on the other side and the way the manufacturers have gotten into government and policy creation and the harm inflicted by GMO’s.

My understanding from this reading is if we are to have GE foods, they MUST be open source so all can work on, study, and develop these foods. The problems seem to evolve when one company like Monsanto or Dow develops food to withstand more of their pesticide and not for better health. Often this is difficult to determine because of how they Greenwash these issues. I tend to agree with what I understand Brand’s stance to be that any GE foods should be open source and developed for better, more nutritious food and cannot be developed, patented and owned by corporations. Food belongs to everyone and must be developed for the common good so everyone and everything benefits.

He also presented compelling information of how nuclear energy and cities are green. He also made a case for why we may want to bring back extinct species and animals and how geoengineering may be needed. I encourage you to investigate these issues, they were informative to me.

Any information you can provide to assist me in learning more is appreciated.

Make it a Great Day!

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Craig Becker

Everyone & Everything Benefits

Jeff Speck’s TED talk about a Walkable City is a great talk and enlightens us about its multiple benefits. I encourage you to listen and think about how you can also create solutions from which everyone and everything benefits.

As Stewart Brand elegantly explains in The Whole Earth Discipline, “…it is time to stop arguing about what is wrong and start doing what is right.”

Make it a great week by practicing paneugenesis.

Be Well’r,

Craig Becker

Story of the Solution of Better

Those of you who have heard  me or read my work know I am interested in creating situations so everyone and everything benefits. This video from The Story of Stuff provides a good message.

This story is an example of practicing paneugenesis – I encourage you to also create solutions so everyone and everything benefits.

Remember by practicing paneugenesis you get a great personal benefit. Not only have you created benefits so everyone and everything, you get what I call “secondary beneficence” because you feel good for doing good.

In other words, you do better by doing good – it is an incredible opportunity! Go for it and let us know what you what you are doing! Share your successes – together we can do so much!



Be Well’r,

Craig Becker

Our Economy is a Subsystem of Our Ecology

I saw Andrew McKeon present in 2008 and his explanation of how our economy is a subsystem of our ecology helped me understand systems appreciation. The key point to me is our economy must serve our ecology not as it works now with ecology serving the economy. Here is a clip by Andrew about this topic.

To me Deming’s knowledge is key to learning how to appropriately practice paneugenesis so everyone and everything benefits.  If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you learn more about Deming at the Deming Institute.

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George Carlin Genius

I was listening to an old George Carlin routine (and see below) and was amazed by his insight. In his expressed disdain for self-righteous people who aim to “save the earth” he exposed the truth. The earth will be fine, over time it will regenerate and clean itself out. We however will be some of the things that it cleans out. In essence, we are the virus that earth needs to rid itself of if it wants to be healthy and functioning.

To me this insight highlights the need for us to work with not against or use nature to accomplish our goals and desires. Biomimicry as described by Jane Benyus and how it was used at Interface describes how we can Do Better by Doing Good for the environment so everyone and everything benefits!
It is an interesting insight. What do you think?

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker