Example of How to Practice Selfish Selfless Synergy or Paneugenesis

This Presentation by Harish Manwani, titled Profit’s not always the point describes why it is best to do for the common good first so everyone and everything benefits. Of course it also means helps those practicing paneugenesis do their best also.

Great Learning Opportunity – TED NPR Radio Hour

I often bike to work and I on the ride I listen to shows. I have the TED App and had been listening to TED Presentations. Recently I noticed that there was a link with headphones and this link brought me to the NPR TED Radio Hour.

Most of you know about TED Presentations accessible on the web. TED provides great learning opportunities and phenomenal presentations. Most of you also know about the wonderful information presented by NPR. The TED NPR Radio hour show pulls together several related TED Presentations and interviews the presenters along with clips from their presentations. IT IS FANTASTIC!

Today I heard  very powerful presentation, Food Matters. This show described how food shaped our cities and its relationship to our future.

The topics covered by TED and NPR is large, I encourage you to use this wonderful resource to learn about your topic of interest so you can learn how to create interactions so everyone and everything benefits.

Make it a Great Day!

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker