Are we all Druggies?

This weekend I had a dream that had the father of my high school girlfriend, my parents, and kids of the family that hosted my daughter during her stay in Greensboro for Distinguished Young Women. I tell you this because sometimes it amazes me how our brains work.

This new thought came to me as I was getting out of the pool after a swim. Many thoughts happen for me during or following exercise sessions. My thoughts came about after I enjoyed the swim and I felt good. I got physical activity, felt refreshed, talked to some friends, and felt good for taking time to be active. As a professor, my mind started thinking about why? The why is because when I engaged in that positive behavior, my mind created dopamine and other drugs that made me feel good. I guess I am a druggie…

People do drugs because it makes them feel good, however legal and illegal pharmaceuticals have many bad side effects, some of which we hear as a disclaimer on the commercials. Our body, however, is a much better pharmacy. It generally produces chemicals in our body that produces positive feelings when we engage in good behaviors and or thoughts. It also often makes us feel bad when we engage in bad behaviors and or thoughts.

With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to engage in good behaviors that not only make us feel good, but also benefit our well-being? This again promotes the idea of paneugenesis, that is to engage in actions that create interactions so everyone and everything benefits. To practice paneugenesis may take some planning and this is also beneficial. Below are 2 short videos about the practice of paneugenesis and the Green Grass Theory which explains paneugenesis.

I look forward to hearing about how you engage in positive actions so you, everyone and everything benefits!

Make it a Great Day!

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

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