Green events Provides Great Practices to Copy

Ralph Waldo Emerson explained, “Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear what you say.”

How events are run creates a message.  This ideas is brilliantly captured by Dov Siedman’s book, “How” (See Fantastic Book: “How”to Generate Universal Benefits)

Health focused events that serve unhealthy foods send conflicting messages just as environmentalists driving SUV’s or Hummers, overweight nutritionists, or smoking doctors.

A great example of practicing and sending a consistent message with how an event was conducted was demonstrated at the Appalachian UNC Energy (Sustainability) Summit. The event was a carbon neutral event that was zero waste and included practices such as a plant strong eating style to support a healthier planet.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

I look forward to hearing about how you use selfish, selfless, synergy to Create All Good by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits!

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