The GMO Question

As noted in previous posts here and here, my thoughts about genetically modified foods have changed. It seems all food we eat are genetically modified in some way as Pamela Ronald makes clear here in her TED Presentation: The Case for Engineering Our Food:

This presentation, like many others seems to avoid the big question, what about patented seeds that allow certain plants to withstand more pesticides and herbicides such as Round-Up Ready Seeds. Some data I have seen documents the need for more pesticides and herbicides, not less as Pamela suggests in her presentation.

My stance remains as it was and as Stewart Brand suggests, I am for open source non-patented genetically modified seeds that lead to better nutrition and or enhance our ability make life more livable. I am against any patented seeds that lead to the use of more problematic farming methods that introduce more toxins.

As I learn more, I will post that information. My hope is the information about genetically modified foods will not be so one sided. If you learn more, please share. Thank you.

Be Well’r,

Craig M. Becker, PhD

Lets all make life more livable for all by generating comprehensive benefits by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits.

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