How Medicine Create’s More Good, Not Just Less Bad

My posts have consistently been focused on how can we create more good, with the recognition that this makes the world better because we can never rid the world of all bad. The other benefit from a focus on creating more good over a focus on less bad is the increased capacity, potential, resilience and ability that enables a person, community or city to overcome something bad when it does happen, which it will. To me our focus has to be on how we can generate or create the precursors that make possible a good outcome.

This idea is shared by Siddhartha Muckherjee in his TED Presentation, “Soon we’ll cure diseases with a cell, not a pill.” Throughout the presentation he explains how medicine must move past the pill to kill a disease paradigm to one where we will grow and create more good from what we have. In many ways this reminds me of Mother Teresa’s comment when she refused to march against the war. She explained she would march FOR peace because what you are FOR is empowering but what you are against is disempowering. To me we need to be FOR MORE GOOD, not against bad.

I encourage you to enjoy D. Muchherjee’s presentation about how medicine can create more good with cell’s. Below his presentation is the short presentation I made, “Create More Good, Not Just Less Bad” to the sustainability committee at my university.

I did this presentation to a sustainability committee to help them focus on the good that can be created, not just the bad avoided.
Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

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