Honoring Justice Scalia – Dare to Disagree

While I personally agreed more with Justice Scalia’s ideological opposite, Justice Ginsburg, I have learned Justice Scalia had desirable characteristics. Justice’s Scalia and Ginsburg were as different in their opinions as was possible yet they maintained a close friendship. From this there is much to learn.


To me this situation relates to what some consider Dr. Stephen Covey’s most significant work he described in his book, “The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life’s Most Difficult Problems“. What I understood this book to say was that we should always seek to find a better way by discovering the 3rd alternative. He suggested the better way was not found through compromise but innovation. In other words, he encouraged people not to accept to do things your way or my way, but a better way – the 3rd Alternative.

In related fashion, Margaret Heffernan provides wonderful examples of how and why seeking disagreeable or different points of view can yield better answers. I encourage you to learn the benefits she describes in her presentation, “Dare to Disagree”.

Interestingly and in a telling way, opposites seem to attract intelligence which can lead to better ways. The Practice of Paneugenesis is about daring to disagree with the status quo by discovering the 3rd alternative which are ways to generate comprehensive improvements by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits.

I look forward to enjoying the benefits we generate for our world by daring to disagree with the status quo with selfish selfless synergy. We can develop ways to continually improve by creating and putting in place precursors that allow us to enable idealized outcomes that make this a more livable world for everyone and everything.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker, PhD

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