Spotlight on Spotlight

I just watched the movie Spotlight and was inspired by the determination and integrity of the Boston Globe reporters while simultaneously being disgusted by the betrayal and deceit of the situation. I am still processing all I saw and its implications. I am grateful that the Boston Globe reporters Sacha Pfeiffer, Mark Rezendes, Walter V. Robinson, Marty Baron, Ben Bradley Jr., and Matt Carroll were able to put a “Spotlight” on the bad. My hope is now the focus moves toward creating good. If our focus is on what went wrong, we can only fix the wrong. While fixing what was wrong is important, I know we can do better.

To do more, as I write about extensively, we can turn our focus to an Idealized Outcome and determine what that could be. We then must do what is necessary to create conditions and align with people to create that desired outcome. As our new reality evolves, we must continuously monitor it to document progress toward what we want is being made. If we see it is getting off path, corrections, or continual improvement efforts are necessary. This is an ongoing opportunity.

With regard to the Spotlight story, the ideas the church has of helping others have a better life are good, however as was shown in the movie, they got off track. To me another important realization from the movie is the value of INDEPENDENT investigative journalism. While google is great and has improved life for many, the diversion resources from journalists is a concern.

My focus to create all good, selfish, selfless, synergy through the practice of paneugenesis is renewed. Paneugenesis means to generate comprehensive improvements by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits. To practice paneugenesis we can:

1. Operationalize an Idealized Outcome – envision a better tomorrow and work to make sure all involved parties can see what is to be created that is better than what can be now. W. Edwards Deming explained that to operationalize means that we all have to seethe same vision of the future we are to create. It needs to be understood, how the idealized outcome can be created most likely will only by hypothesized, and not be known or even believed possible by many. The how must be discovered.

2. Discover Precursors – In the discovery process we must learn what must exist to make the idealized outcome a reality. When Kennedy said we would be to the moon by the end of the decade, he didn’t know how but knew what he wanted to happen. In this stage we must determine the necessary skills, abilities, traits, and environments that must exist if we are to realize the desired idealized outcome.

3. Optimize the Process – Here we must work to develop and create those required precursors that will enable the idealized outcome to be realized. During this phase it is likely much will be learned as many incorrect assumptions will need to be overcome. As Edison said after “failing” 25,000 times when creating the lightbulb, “…creating the light but has 25,001 steps.”

4. Plot Progress – During this phase it necessary to continually measure progress toward creating the desired outcome by determining progress in the creation of precursors and or idealized outcome. Evidence needs to be gathered to suggest desired progress is ongoing, which inspires people to keep working, and if not work should be done to correct the path being used to create a new and better reality.

The work done during each of these phases will give those making these efforts new skills and abilities to do what has not been done before. New skills, abilities and knowledge are  necessary ingredients to create something that did not and could not have existed before.

I look forward to enjoying a better tomorrow!

Interesting Video’s about the story behind Spotlight:

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

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