Connectivity Clarifies Perceived Contradictions

A powerful hidden message  demonstrates connections in this Nutrition Fact video that reveals connections and perceived contradictions. While it provides a possible reason white rice has been wrongly implicated for a rise in diabetes, to me it has a more important latent or hidden message.

To me the most important fact we must understand is that everything is connected. Quality management guru W. Edwards Deming accounted for this in his Profound Knowledge with Systems Appreciation (also discussed here), Libertarian Paternalism accounts for it in the book Nudge by explaining how certain factors affect our actions and how those actions impact society, and Colin Campbell explained it in detail in his book Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (discussed here). Stewart Brand explains this concept in detail in his book, Whole Earth Discipline (discussed here).This Nutrition Facts video demonstrates how as we change one thing, everything else adapts, often in  unanticipated ways if we do not think about actions from a systems perspective.

It is for this reason I promote actions to generate comprehensive improvements by creating interactions that benefit everyone and everything. These actions are Selfish, Selfless, and Synergistic which is the practice of paneugenesis. Paneugenesis, or creating all good, generates comprehensive benefits because comprehensive means using systems thinking to create pervasive effects and benefits are proactively generated improvements that are better than what could be now, even if work harder. These concepts are explained more in my Prevention Can’t Work and Problems are Irrelevant Post.

I look forward to a better world from our actions that generate comprehensive improvements from interactions that benefit everyone and everything. This happens when actions start from a systems perspective with an aim to generate comprehensive benefits.





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