How Helping Refugees is Good for Society

We are good people and we want to be good by contributing to the greater good. In watching  Alexander Bett’s TED presentation, “Our Refugee System is Failing – Here’s how we can fix it”, it helped me realize the great potential we all share.


His presentation also reminded me of the beneficial “Safe Haven”, the location where Ruth Gruber brought 984 European World War II Holocaust refugees as “guests” of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As in Bett’s presentation examples, everyone benefited when Holocaust Refugees were brought to America. I visited the Safe Haven when I used to live in Oswego NY and worked at SUNY Oswego.

At “Safe Haven” these refugees were temporarily housed at Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York from August 1944 – February 1946. In saving these “random” 984 holocaust victims, the world benefitted. Below is a brief video of the “Safe Haven” story. Another example of how human refugees are not costs but are assets from which we can all benefit.


The Lady who made this happen is Dr. Ruth Gruber. I encourage you to learn about Dr. Gruber. There are many video’s about here life including the movie, “Ahead of Time” if you want to learn more. Below is a short video of Dr. Gruber and below that the trailer from “Ahead of Time“.



These stories are more examples of actions that make us feel good for doing good because it contributes to helping others and society benefit. In other words this is an example of how we can practice paneugenesis and create all good by using selfish, selfless, synergy to generate comprehensive improvements by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits. Other posts about how to create all good by Practicing Paneugenesis can be seen here, here, here, and more if you search this blog. I look forward to hearing how you create all good with selfish, selfless synergy.

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