Action Taken that Created a Better Future in Costa Rica

My posts are working to create a better world using the Paneugenesis Process. This process is about how to create all good by generating comprehensive improvements by creating selfish, selfless, synergistic, pervasive, reciprocal interactions so everyone and everything benefits. Below is a TED presentation about when and how this has happened for Costa Rica.

In Monica Araya’s TED Presentation she describes how Costa Rica is a “Small Country with Big Ideas to Get Rid of Fossil Fuels” she explains how after World Ward II they Operationalized an Idealized Outcome of a better country that no longer funded the military. Rather than using the money for the military they invested in the necessary Discovered  Precursors of education, health care and the environment to Optimize their Process.

She explains how everyone told them this meant Costa Rica would have problems and could not keep up. Costa Rica did keep up and she shares measurable outcomes that document and Plot Progress made in creating a better Costa Rica from which everyone and everything benefits. Now, instead of resting on their progress, they are engaging in continuous and never ending improvement by Operationalizing a new Idealized Outcome of a country that uses no fossil fuels. Right now their only use of fossil fuels is for transportation, they are now on their way to fossil fuel free country.

I encourage you to listen to their story to learn how they created  better tomorrow by breaking with the social norms and living their values. She discusses how they will now create the necessaryDiscovered  Precursors by Optimizing their Process. I look forward to hearing about how they will Plot Progress documenting the new reality they are creating. 

 The Paneugenesis Process is described below and in previous posts here, here, here, here, here and in other posts.  

The first step of the Paneugenesis Process is to Operationalize an Idealized Outcome. That is, we should imagine and make understandable what could and should be, according to our values. We then must  Discover Precursors necessary to realize that new reality. Then Optimize the Process  to create those necessary precursors. To determine if we are on the right path, the fourth step is to Plot Progress, that is determine measurable changes that document dreams are becoming a reality.

1. Operationalize an Idealized Outcome – make sure all involved parties know what is to be created and be sure that it is better than what can be now. The outcome should have pervasive and reciprocal effects that carry meaning and impact to and beyond the individual.

2. Discover Precursors – what must exist now to make the idealized outcome a reality. Discover what skills, abilities, traits, environments are necessary and or must exist to realize the idealized outcome. These precursors are conditions that must be created and not currently present.

3. Optimize the Process – what must be done to create those precursors that will enable the idealized outcome to be realized – go do that now! Do what must be done to create and put in place the necessary precursors discovered.

4. Plot Progress – find measures that document and demonstrate progress is being made toward the creation of discovered precursors and or idealized outcomes. Progress measures that indicate movement is being made toward the creation of the new, desired reality are necessary to give meaning and purpose to the process and to help participants maintain motivation.

I look forward to hearing about how you adapt and use this process to create pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic benefits for everyone and everything like they are doing in Costa Rica. How can you do the same in your life to create a better reality?

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

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