More Examples of Taking Action to Create a Better Future

On September 5th, link to previous post, I shared the amazing story of how Costa Rica used what could be seen as the Paneugenesis Process to create a better future. It is not that the Paneugenesis process is the only way, there are many ways to create all good and this model can be used to develop YOUR way. This week I am sharing more examples of how people have used a similar process to create a better future. As Tepperman explains in his TED Presentation,”The Risky Politics of Progress“, courage is needed to start (see this post).

Although they did not use these words, each these fantastic examples Operationalized an Idealized Outcome, then Discovered Precursors necessary. They also had to Optimize their Process to create their new reality. To document their new reality was being realized, they Plotted Progress, or made clear with measures that progress was being made toward the needed precursors and thus their idealized outcome. 

The TED Presentation by Jonathan Tepperman, “The Risky Politics of Progress” explains, better is possible and gives specifics about how Canada, Mexico, and Indonesia followed their values and used the process to create a better tomorrow. Better was possible because they found a way to create pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic, interactions so everyone and everything benefits – at least some of the time.

In Canada they are now one of the most welcoming nations. Their immigration rate is four times other nations. Canadians now rank multiculturalism as the reason for being a great company. This is different because until the 1960’s, Canada followed a racist immigration policy. Tepperman explains how Pierre Trudeau changed Canada into a place that benefits everyone and everything with multiculturalism.

In Indonesia, a hot Muslim majority country, they also got better. They got rid of their tyrant and assumed their would be problems but now terrorism is rare. Tepperman explains how Indonesia is able to thrive while other Muslim states are having troubles. He explains instead of focusing on the countries problems, it focused on how to create the necessary precursors for future success.

In Mexico they also focused on major reforms that built the foundation for success in many areas of their country. They found answers by using what Stephen Covey promoted, the third alternative. In other words, it wasn’t about the governments way or businesses way but a better way as I discussed in: Honoring Justice Scalia – Dare to Disagree. Tepperman give a summary on how this happened in Mexico.

Tepperman admits that the same exact methods cannot work in all countries but suggested these common factors:

  1. Embrace the extreme
  2. There is power in promiscuous thinking
  3. Please all of the people some of the time

To me this are great examples of how they were able to adapt and use the Paneugenesis Process to create their idealized outcome of a better country:

1. Operationalize an Idealized Outcome – make sure all involved parties know what is to be created and be sure that it is better than what can be now. The outcome should have pervasive and reciprocal effects that carry meaning and impact to and beyond the individual.

2. Discover Precursors – what must exist now to make the idealized outcome a reality. Discover what skills, abilities, traits, environments are necessary and or  must exist to realize the idealized outcome. These precursors are conditions that must be created and not currently present.

3. Optimize the Process – what must be done to create those precursors that will enable the idealized outcome to be realized – go do that now! Do what must be done to create and put in place the necessary precursors discovered.

4. Plot Progress – find measures that document and demonstrate progress is being made toward the creation of discovered precursors and or idealized outcomes. Progress measures that indicate movement is being made toward the creation of the new, desired reality are necessary to give meaning and purpose to the process and to help participants maintain motivation.

Please share your stories of how better than thought possible was created so progress becomes more well understood and becomes the default expectation.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

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