Wear a Costume and Become Your Desired Self


All hallows day or Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Not for the  poor food consumption it encourages or even scary stories but because of the imagination it encourages. Creativity and imagination are important and valuable to humans.  A new and better future can’t just happen, we must creatively imagine what could and or should be then work to create it.

Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you’d like to act. ― Bob Dylan

Nothing desirable just happened, people took an effort and caused it to happen. Halloween encourages us to use our imagination and creativity to be anything we want to be. For this Halloween I encourage you to us it as your inspiration and motivation to imagine and become your desirable self.

To make it real, after Halloween, dress and act as the person you want to be. Dress and act like who you know you can be and become that person. All of of us want to make a positive impact, do this by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits as the person you know you can be.

To clarify this idea, I encourage you to watch Amy Cuddy’s fantastic TED presentation, “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”. In great detail  she explains more about how our actions tell us and others who we are and who we can become. Halloween is a great opportunity to instigate this change so dress up and act like who you want to be.

Amazingly, dressing up as to who you want to be actually changes us. Our bodies can change our minds. It is not “Fake it until you make it” it is “Fake it until you become it!”

I look forward to hearing about and experiencing the great contributions you make as the person you become.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

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