We Can Get Better with Practice

I think we all want to be better at what we care about. My coaches used to tell me, it was not practice that makes perfect, but practicing perfection that would help me get better.  Practice meant not only working on skills, but also visualizing what I wanted to do.  I was taught to visualize events in as much detail as possible because doing this would help, which I believe it did in sports.  In addition, this visualization also helped me prepare for unexpected consequences because I was better able to adapt.

In bringing the idea of practice to our daily lives, Eduardo Briceno provides a clear and insightful explanation in his TED Presentation, “How to Get Better at the Things You Care About“.  He explains, practice and performance are different functions.  He goes on to explain that only when we reserve time to practice, can we improve. Just performing is not enough. Practice is important because those deliberate attempts improve later performances.

I took his example of deliberate practice to work on my typing.  This deliberate practice has helped me improve my typing abilities. Johann Von Goeth offers more thoughts about what we should chose to practice.  He suggested, that when we think about what we practice, we should practice how to do things that also help us master ourselves.

“Whatever liberates our spirit without giving us mastery over ourselves is destructive.”   – Johann Von Goethe

I hope this inspires you to work on and get better at what you care about.  For only when we become more competent will we be able to Practice Paneugenesis t cause all good by generating comprehensive improvements with pervasive, reciprocal,selfish, selfless, synergistic interactions so everyone and everything benefits.

I look forward to hearing about your successes.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!


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