Our Economic Choices Demonstrate our Values

In a previous environmental workshop I attended, they explained

Economics is a value system masquerading as mathematics.

To me this was so powerful because it reminds me that I can make a contribution to a better world by what I choose to buy. Yesterday I went to my monthly Vegetarians in Pitt County (VIP) dinner and we saw the movie, Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio.  It is available for free on many sources such as Amazon, Google, YouTube and other places.  Below is the trailer and a clip from Leonardo DiCaprio about the movie.

While it was depressing, it drove home the importance of generating comprehensive improvements by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits.  An easy choice we can all make, that I write about often, is our. food choices.  Personal and planetary health promoting choicest are plant strong and organic rather than resource intensive and personal and planetary health depleting animal agriculture based choices.  While food choices is a powerful way to make personal contributions, because what we choose to buy, will be made and, politicians, in time, follow the will of the people, this clip from the movie demonstrates how Elon Musk is showing other profitable ways to live restoratively while improving our quality of life.

An important related aspect I learned in this movie was about more connections and our choices.  As this EcoWatch clip from the Before the Flood movie, the Rain Forest is being leveled to grow palm trees for palm oil because it is a cheap ingredient used by:
Palm Oil Using Companies

This makes our organic, whole food plant choices even more powerful, because as we make more healthy, plant strong choices, it means we increase demand for whole unprocessed plant foods as we decrease demand for processed foods that are made with palm oil.

Thomas Friedman’s April 19th column, Coal Museum Sees the Future; Trump Doesn’t also explains how our economic choices demonstrate what we value.  Friedman’s column demonstrates the fight between maintaining the status quo or making choice to benefit the future – I encourage you read his column.

Although this not my usual positive message, I hope you see the value and importance of working to generate comprehensive improvements, rather than less bad choices.  I look forward to hearing how you are making choices that create positive, pervasive, reciprocal interactions that enable everyone and everything to benefits.

Choose to Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

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