The Impact of Choosing to be a Giver or a Taker…

In memory of the unconscionable event from September 11, reflection is good.  What does it all mean?  Why do these things happen? Meaning in life seems vital and some suggest it is predetermined.  For me that would be troubling because, as dramatist Israel Zangwill said:

   Take from me the hope that I can                     change the future and you will send me mad.”

— Israel Zangwill

Like most people, I want my actions to have a positive impact.  I therefore practice  and promote paneugenesis which is to generate comprehensive improvements by creating interactions s so everyone and everything benefits.

For me the practice of paneugenesis gives me meaning and purpose, and many agree.  I have posted some other thoughts about this, including that it is all meanlingless at Its All Meaningless! Here is How to Create Meaning!.  I also looked at our biologic basis in Biology & Evolution Make Us Selfish, Selfless, & Synergistic and discovered how people make meaning in the inspiring experience we had: Dad Our House is on Fire!…People are Amazing!.

Revisiting this issue, it appears all meaning is human created, but we do have a predetermined purpose.  It appears our shared predetermined purpose relates to our relationship with everyone and everything.  As Jane Benyus explained, life is about making life more livable (see We are Just Talking Apes).

In this view, the question we must ask ourselves is if we area giver or a taker.  Below is Adam Grant’s TED talk about the impact of this choice.  Enjoy & Make it a Great Week!




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