Reducetarian: Great Info, Contradictory Title

Reducetarian Solution: How the Surprisingly Simple Act of Reducing the Amount of Meat in Your Diet Can Transform Your Health and the Planet

I previously posted about this book, The Reducetarian  in this post, Interesting Article – Thoughts?. Now I have read the book.  It is good book. It provides great overview of the many issues related to our food choices. After reading it is clear how making plant food choices help improve the environment, our health, the life of animals, the life of food workers and so much more.

The book contains over 60 short essays from experts, mostly authors of books, on many areas related to climate and food choices. My only concern is the name, “Reducetarian”. Committing to Reduce… infers giving up some things and that makes change difficult.

The issue of difficulty taking action when it is perceived as deprivation was even addressed in the essay by Bee Wilson, author of the book, “Consider the Fork”. In the essay, she explains that if a mindset of deprivation is created it may also to lead to anger and this makes change cumbersome.

The point of Bee Wilson’s essay, which I also promote, is we must recast the mindset toward seeing plant strong food choices for what they really are: better, more tasty, less expensive, and superior in many ways especially for how they promote personal and planetary well-being.  This means we must move away from the traditional mindset of deprivation or reducing, as promoted by meat and dairy industries.  This then is another example of what must be “Undone“.

Choosing plants more often for food helps people feel better.  Making plant food choices also contributes to a healthier planet and this means these choices provide an emotional gain, because we are contributing to a solution.  These actions, therefore, keep on giving.  

It must be understood, a plant strong diet is the best choice to make because it provides the most benefits. I encourage all to read and share your thoughts.  Make it. a great week.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

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