Unintentional Consent: Are you giving it?

We all want to feel good and be good.  Everyday, everything we think and do we do because we believe it will make our lives better.  Some may doubt this, however, ask yourself, would anyone engage in an action or thought because they believe it will make their life worse? Of course not.  There is a caveat, some times we do something such as overtrain or over work at something long that is painful at the moment but we do it because we believe it is worth the effort. In other words, we believe the benefits out weigh the costs.

A basic tenet of a well functioning democratic society is that it is well educated and that it has appropriate information from which to make decisions.  Currently, and as has been true for many years, despite our desire to do good and to be good, we are engaging in unintentional consent.  This relates to actions related to health, especially nutrition, the environment, and public policy.

If we want the world we desire and is possible we must take action.  To do this I remind you of the 7 C’s:

  • Accept the Challenge
  • Use Courage to act
  • Develop Competence
  • Be Committed to purpose, meaning and values
  • Make Connections to people, organizations and the environment
  • Doing this enables us to make Contributions – we can have an impact
  • Then to continually improve we must build on those Consequences

After all, to have a better world we must take action.  The by product of doing good is less bad.  As described by one of our greatest thinkers:


Make it a Great Week!

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

If you want to contact me:
Email: BeWellr@gmail.com

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