12 Days to Deming

I am doing, or taking a course called “12 Days to Deming: An Active Learning Course” by Henry Neave. It is fantastic.

I originally studied Deming during my junior year of college. I then was reintroduced in 2008. For some reason I got away from it but the principles appear to have stuck with me. I am glad much of what I do uses this philosophy. I am learning so much more now.

I am completing Day 5 today and it recommended I review the attached video. I just reviewed it and think it may be even more relevant now than when it was released in the 1980’s.  It is tough to take his words because it is so different than how things are done.  However after reviewing his work it becomes clear how to use much better ways to get things done.  While this video focuses on what should not be done, his work and my work mostly focuses on how to do things more efficiently and effectively so everyone and everything benefits over the long-term.

I look forward to learning more about these better ways so everyone and everything benefits! Deming’s philosophy is the basis for the Practice of Paneugenesis I developed.  To practice paneugenesis is to generate comprehensive improvements by creating pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic interactions so everyone and everything benefits.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

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Email: BeWellr@gmail.com

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