Updated: There is Only US, There is no Them

On September 14, 2021 Thomas Friedman wrote this NYTimes supportive column: Have We Reshaped Middle East Politics or Started to Mimic It?

Enemies, rivals and the like are not them – they are us.  It is all US.  What we sometimes see as enemies are our neighbors, our friends we haven’t met yet.  Others, when we get to know them, are more like us than they are different.  I recently heard a TED Presentation by Juan Enriquez that captures this idea. I encourage you to listen.

As noted, we should spend our time focusing on how we are the same and how to collaborate so each will benefit.  We all share the same water, land and air – the commons – and for any of us to function well, we all need the commons.

Our economy is a subsystem of our ecology.  Big corporations, although the US government mistakenly has categorized them as people with rights, unfairly use and damage the commons to turn a profit.  Destroyed commons means we all lose, including those corporations.

Corporations use an unequal share of water, land and air, and yet for some reason our government gives them tax breaks.  Taxes are a way we invest in society.  By giving corporations tax break, it is saying they do not have to pay to maintain these commons.  If you want to learn more, I recommend Thom Hartmann.  I just listened to his book, “Screwed” and he also has a youtube channel here.

Hartmann’s big issue is the vanishing middle class.  An example of some things shared in the book “Screwed” were his description of how we had recently heard the concern, “Do you want government determining your healthcare?” He explains that such a claim is just half the story. The real question is do we want government making that decision or a a corporation whose main objective is profit to make that decision?

We are all in this together and we are all connected and that is why I believe what Thom Hartmann promotes is related.  It is all a system, so we need to make the system work better to realize benefits.  To improve the system we can, “Make a Wave!”  The Ripple Impacts all in the path.  Six degrees of separation are really six degrees of connection.  Our connections are an example of Selfish, Selfless, Synergy because helping others helps the system which helps us.

As W. Edwards Deming demonstrated, to improve, we must improve the system. He demonstrated up 98% of the issues faced can be improve by improving the system.  Attempting to improve by treating all issues as special situations that need unique solutions only makes things worse.  Our focus needs to be on how to improve the system by making what we have work better.

For example, I was just in a class that focused on health literacy and its importance.  Instead of suggesting new programs that take money from the system to support those special efforts, the best solution is to improve system. We should highlight the associated relationships as we improve education, while we also improve health care professional, client or patient interactions and improve information provided.  Our efforts should improve what we are already doing.

We are all connected.  We all share this world.  Our economy is a subset of our ecology.  Optimizing instead of maximizing is what nature does, it helps all areas thrive while it also enables, supports and creates interactions that facilitate more complex organisms to evolve.  These new organisms evolve if and only if they help support and build life to make it a better place for all to live.

I look forward to hearing how you make the system work better so we all benefit by generating comprehensive improvements by creating pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic, interactions so everyone and everything benefits. Make it a Great Week!

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!

Contact me at:
Email: BeWellr@gmail.com

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