Updated: I went to Burger King…and Baskin Robbins?

Is it true, “This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry“. This article thinks alt meat isn’t going to stay alt for long, and cattle are looking more and more like stranded assets. Cows are assets in there natural function, however evidence suggests they are liabilities as a food source for humans.

Surprisingly I went to Burger King and had an “Impossible Whopper” and it was good.

Is this good? The evidence suggests it is a net positive.  Most dramatically it has a positive influence on the environment, the resource upon which all life depends.  With regard to related personal health impacts, h John Robbins, author of “Diet for New America” provides and article, Plant-Based Meat: The Pros & Cons Of Veggie Burgers.

News suggests alt meat will also provide alternatives for chicken.  Beyond Meat is testing their chicken products at KFC and it had a positive reaction from the public.

I encourage you to try Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat products at Burger King, Red Robin, Friday’s, White Castle and many more outlets.  Ask about these alternatives and share your experiences. I look forward to hearing about the how you try this way to practice paneugenesis so you will generate all good by creating pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic interactions so everyone and everything benefits. Make it a Great Day, Week, Year and Life!

PS: MORE VEGAN OPTIONS: I received a note from Ocean Robbins of the Food Revolution Network that his family’s company, Baskin Robbins, of which his father, John Robbins walked away from more than 50 years ago, is now offering dairy free ice cream.  Here is his note:

On August 4 of this year, Baskin-Robbins released its first two non-dairy flavors of ice cream, replacing factory-farmed milk with a base of coconut and almond. These new, non-dairy flavors are also free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and high fructose corn syrup (though they do have plenty of sugar!).

Even though my dad walked away from the family company, and from any access to the family fortune — more than 50 years ago — and even though nobody in my family has had any connection to the company in decades, I still felt a small sense of pride.

After all, Baskin-Robbins didn’t make this change because they suddenly had an epiphany and decided to be at the forefront of the movement for health and sustainability. They made this change because they saw where the market was heading, and they knew they could make more money by offering vegan options.

And the truth is that we, as consumers, helped make that happen. Every time you buy food, you are, in a sense, casting a vote. And over time, those votes can add up to changes in how food is grown, processed, and marketed.

One result is that sales of dairy-free ice cream are expected to reach $1 billion 

Are these dairy-free versions actually better for you than those made with cow’s milk? And of all the options available, which ones are best (and worst)?

Get the facts on dairy-free ice cream and see how the different types compare, here.

Together, one bite at a time, we’re changing the world,

Ocean Robbins

P.S. More and more ice cream chains like Ben & Jerry’s, SubZero, and now even Baskin-Robbins are offering dairy-free options. But should you eat them? And what is the healthiest non-dairy ice cream you can have? Here’s what you need to know.

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Veggie Burgers and Fake Meat: Pros and Cons