Hamilton is Timely, Important & Entertaining


I watched Hamilton on Disney, I encourage you to do the same. It was fantastic, educational, entertaining and so much more. As noted in this editorial, “‘Hamilton’ Makes Historical Figures Human” and…

“Hamilton” employs color-blind casting to tell the story

It was a great history lesson for me. I also enthusiastically support their recommendation that ‘Hamilton’

…should be included as a supplement to school students’ history education across the country. It would make the American story more accessible to an increasingly diverse nation

‘Hamilton’ provides access to history in a way that brings to life the possibilities from the American story. This potential, however, can only be realized through cooperative efforts that generate comprehensive improvements by generating pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic interactions so everyone and everything benefits. #SelfishSelflessSynergy

Be Well’r,

Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!


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