Generating Great Ideas with “White Space” from Exercise

Did you ever come out of or go into the shower and get a great idea? Of course you have, it happens to all of us. We often have an idea on the tip of our “mind” or have a complex issue that we are unsuccessfully working toward. Then, unexpectedly, an answer races into our mind and it seems to come from nowhere. Why is that? How did it happen? Well nobody is sure, but there are many theories and most revolve around the same idea – “White space” or unstructured time.

Research indicates our mind is always subconsciously working on unsolved issues. Many theories  attempt to explain why ideas unexpectedly fly into our mind like in the shower or when we wake up. I have read about this from many authors and I found Ori Brafman’s explanation of this phenomenon useful. Ori Brafman ©2013 wrote about this idea and how we make sense out of chaotic thoughts in The Chaos Imperative: how Chance and Disruption Increase Innovation. He explains that giving people free time improves our ability to think. He suggests organizations give people unstructured “white space”, or unstructured time, so new ideas can grow and flourish.

His work suggests it is helpful to the give the subconscious mind time to organize chaotic information to enable you to have “eureka” moments. To have more “eureka” moments, it is recommended people give themselves “white space”, or unstructured time. They further suggest having unstructured time after significant mental effort has been expended toward a clear goal.

I get my “white space” time when I exercise. I also often do this to give myself a break from the work I am doing, or after I have spent significant mental effort toward a clear goal. I enjoy swimming and getting a regular workout at the gym. Unfortunately the pandemic has made doing this more difficult. The gym I usually use has been closed since mid-March. I have been walking more but I missed the harder workouts. Luckily, several sources have sent information about online video workouts.

I have no financial interest in this promotion, still I want to share that I have enjoyed HasFit for online exercise sessions. Coach Kozak and Claudia have great workouts and a large variety of types and lengths. Everything has been free and they are not trying to sell anything – that I have noticed. If you are interested, I recommend their workouts  that you can access  Here at

I recommend these video workouts for home as a way to find solutions by creating “white space” time for yourself:

Using’s workouts can help you become more fit. Being more fit will increase your capacity and enhance your ability to generate comprehensive improvements by creating pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic interactions so everyone and everything benefits. I also know that when I get stuck, my ideas often come together when I get in the shower after a workou. The workout created time I was not consciously thinking about those ideas.

Some have suggested the “white space” created by by 1918 Spanish Flue plague led to unstructured or “White Space” time caused a dramatic shift in priorities. Might that happen now ? Exercise sessions can create “white space” for you so you can generate your ideas. A Selfish, Selfless, Synergistic way to move forward. #SelfishSelflessSynergistic

Either way, workouts are times when you do not actively think of your ideas and these “white spaces” can allow your mind to work its magic. This way, while you get fit you can also move forward on other important things you are thinking about. This is a no lose proposition. Good luck, please share your future successes.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!


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