Reasons to Create More Good

A recent post by Doc Siedman at the How Institute (see “HOW” Leadership Findings for Universal Benefits) highlighted the value of giving people a positive goal. This also supports why we enable the paneugensis process with an Idealized Outcome, or a positive goal. To clarify the point, in a “How” institute, “How” Conversation Admiral James Stavridis shared why he believes people need to be for something and how positive goals help.

As a guide, I recommend using the Paneugenesis Process to identify a positive goal and to move toward its achievement.

Practice Paneugenesis using this 4 Step to Process

  1. Operationalize a Desired Idealized Outcome
    • Determine an Idealized outcome that is better or improved from what is possible or able to happen now
    • Must incorporate Systems Thinking so the outcome benefits are on multiple levels without any seen harm to other levels
  2. Discover and Develop Necessary Precursors to make Desired Outcome Possible
    • Research to discover what must come before idealized outcome, what must be true for desired outcome to occur
    • Assess current process to discover and learn current processes used or must be created to manifest ideal outcomes
    • These Precursors are goals that must be achieve before an Idealized Outcome can be realized.
  3. Optimize the Process to Develop Skills and abilities that make Precursors possible (this is Green Grass philosophy, its designing a process to help grass grow)
    • Develop good practices (append existing or start new processes)
    • Update unneeded, outdated or inappropriate actions to ones that created idealized vision,
    • Focus on what causes more and more blades of grass to grow, and…
  4. Plot Progress to document, demonstrate, and celebrate Improvement
    • Measure and document progress forward toward idealized outcome
    • Plan and develop next steps to enable continual improvement

Please share your positive goals and how they help. Make it a great day by generating comprehensive improvements by creating pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, synergistic, net-positive, interactions so everyone and everything can benefit from this positive goal achievement.


Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!


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