Walking, Talking Contradictions

Humans are contradictions. Often we say one thing but mean another. It is not our fault, eliminating these contradictions in life is difficult. Often this state is referred to as cognitive dissonance (the state of having inconsistent thoughts, and beliefs), and it can create unease, a sign of development. We should see this feeling as a sign we are about to evolve. The contradiction about how we view change presents a perfect example.

The Most Painfully Idiotic Contradictions You Have Ever Seen – Vappingo

Desiring Change

Most people say they do not want to change, yet it is always chosen. We choose to change when we decide to get married, go to school, get a different job, have kids, or go to a new or different place to eat. Change is really something we choose. It is not something we avoid, it is something we want and desire but for some reason, it can cause fear. Change is something we enjoy but hate in our minds. This is cognitive dissonance.

Seeing things differently is what has enabled all of the human development. The microscope, telescope, and different opinions have helped us see things differently or in a different light. Seeing things from a different perspective unleashes our potential to do and be better. In this respect, seeing change as a benefit, rather than a burden, can lessen our unease and provide a path to a better life.

Often when we think of change we think about the difficulties of doing something new and possibly being confused or scared about how things will turn out. Yet if we see change as a necessary and unavoidable part of life, it can be our ally. Change is our beneficial partner because change enables us to forge a new path to a better life.

After all, to be better, things will need to be different. Doesn’t different mean change? How do you want your life to be better? What are the benefits? I consistently seek change by working to generate comprehensive improvements through the creation of net-positive, pervasive, reciprocal selfish, selfless, synergistic interactions so everyone and everything benefits. That means I seek changed interactions.

My goal is to make life more livable for everyone and everything. Research suggests this is what we are hardwired to do. Society does not nurture these types of actions. We are therefore probably unconsciously generating cognitive dissonance which could be causing unease. Seeing change as the path to a better tomorrow can help us make life more livable for everyone and everything. After all, that is what we are here to create. How will you generate a better tomorrow?


Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!


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