Regeneration is the Story

Damon Gameau is making a clear and beautiful picture of tomorrow. His story tells how to Practice Paneugenesis. As noted, in Matters Journal, Damon Gameau is Regenerating the World with Fact-Based Dreaming. In other words, his work focuses on how to create an Idealized Outcome for society and how we can generate comprehensive improvements by creating regenerative, net-positive, pervasive, reciprocal, selfish, selfless, and synergistic interactions so everyone benefits in his talks and movies.

I encourage you to watch his powerful TED Presentation, The Story that shapes your relationship with Nature. In this TED Talk he shares the story we need to follow so we can practice paneugenesis to generate comprehensive benefits.

Previously, as noted in Creating a Better Tomorrow post, I highlighted his excellent movie, 2040. I purchased it for $10 on YouTube and have watched it several times. He tells a great story about a future we could have.

After you watch 2040, please share your thoughts.

Damon Gameau has undoubtedly become one of the most beloved environmentalists in Australia. His infectious and empowering optimism and visionary creations of ‘fact-based dreaming’ have opened the world to a new era of solutions storytelling.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

Be selfish, selfless, & synergistic so everyone and everything benefits!


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