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Positive health is here, don’t be left behind focusing solely on prevention.  Become a leader or a participate in PHL.

  • Become Certified in Positive Health 

A Positive Health Leader is someone who leads themselves, organizations, and others toward positive health outcomes and higher levels of wellness.


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  • Learn how to personally incorporate Positive Health 

Not ready to become certified but still interested in learning how to have positive health in your life and how to influence those around you?

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4 thoughts on “Join the Movement

  1. Hi Craig; Looks like a great celebration for Jack. When we were kids, I called him Jack. By yhe way, I was born on his 5th birthday. Hugs to all of you from San Jose, Ca. Arlene Annan DeMoss


  2. Craig,

    I always get excited when I think of all the great ideas you have, and the forward direction you follow. I have not been the same since I heard your presentation on salutogenesis. Was that way back in 1996?

    I have had some major changes in my life. The 1st being the death of my husband 10/2/2010. The worse day of my life, but as much as my heart aches for him everyday, I think of all the funny things he said and did, and what an adventurous life we had in Alaska.

    I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2012 and love it here. My daughter and son-in-law live here so it was logical to move where family resides. The best part is the 2 ½ granddaughter that I am bonded to for better or worse. My inner child has been united, and we are busy laughing and thinking of things to try when ever we are together.

    I would love to help you with your movement to spread the word on positive health, but also get some activity going to mobilize this information.

    Are you playing enough?
    Donna Hebbeler


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