“Yes and…” Improvisation Helps Science Innovate

“Yes and…” will be my default response to ideas because this response yields more creative and  innovative results. Uri Alon explains, “Why Truly Innovative Science Demands a Leap into the Unknown” in this TED Presentation by describing how Improv training helps him and his students develop and create innovative scientific progress.

The main message I got from Uri reminded me of a lesson I learned from the wise Izzy Gessell about responding “Yes and…” and the value of improvisation training to life. Using these ideas may help you make better even better. I look forward to hearing about how you have said “yes and…” to existing consequences so you learned to create interactions so everyone and everything benefits.

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker

I look forward to hearing about how you use selfish, selfless, synergy to Practice Paneugenesis by creating interactions so everyone and everything benefits!