A Problem Focus Creates Mediocrity…Not Greatness

If we want to be better, I mean really better, SUPERBETTER, we must focus on what we want to create instead of what we want to avoid. I discuss this with the paneugenesis process:

1. Operationalize an Idealized Outcome – make sure all involved parties know what is to be created and be sure that it is better than what can be now. The outcome should have pervasive and reciprocal effects that carry meaning and impact to and beyond the individual.

2. Discover Precursors – what must exist now to make the idealized outcome a reality. Discover what skills, abilities, traits, environments are necessary and or must exist to realize the idealized outcome. These precursors are conditions that must be created and not currently present.

3. Optimize the Process – what must be done to create those precursors that will enable the idealized outcome to be realized – go do that now! Do what must be done to create and put in place the necessary precursors discovered.

4. Plot Progress – find measures that document and demonstrate progress is being made toward the creation of discovered precursors and or idealized outcomes. Progress measures that indicate movement is being made toward the creation of the new, desired reality are necessary to give meaning and purpose to the process and to help participants maintain motivation.

I am currently reading SuperBetter: A revolutionary approach to getting stronger, happier, braver, and more resilient by Jane McGonigal and  related TED Presentation. Jane also wrote the great book, Reality is Broken: Why games make us better and how they can change the world and related TED Presentation.

I relate to her approach because she explains in the beginning of the book, she didn’t want to just be better or not bad, she wanted to be SuperBetter and explains how to make this happen with extensive support. I am still reading SuperBetter and got a lot out of Reality is Broken which I presented about several years ago.

Link to Play SuperBetter – Enjoy!

I look forward to hearing how you get not just better, but SuperBetter!

Be Well’r,
Craig Becker