Its not about Paying More – It is about Creating Better!

Last week I attended a presentation about Corporate Social Responsibility. It was impressive how some of these companies are doing things to make things in sustainable ways while paying living wages. The message however was that we have to pay more for our goods to support these noble efforts. I disagree.

I disagree for a few reasons. To me, if they want us to buy their goods instead of from others who are doing things traditionally, they need to be better. I do agree we should support doing the right thing but not to get the same thing for a higher price. In all that I have read and learned, doing things in line with nature or in sustainable/restorative ways will save money. As Interface Global carpet company has shown, they can do do better by doing good. (I linked you to a presentation I did about Interface’s efforts) I encourage you to review their story here. They grew their company dramatically while becoming a sustainable and  restorative company.

The ideas were also discussed extensively at the 2013 Purdue Deming Conference

their theme was New Thinking for a Sustainable World. To me W. Edwards Deming, the quality management giant, promoted Green or sustainable practices. I recommend you go to the institute created for him at to learn more. There are many books about him that are good. America first learned  about him from the 1979 TV show, If Japan Can, Why Can’t We. His books include New Economics and Out of Crisis.

In other words, I am suggesting we must not only do things right in selfish, selfless, synergistic ways that benefit everyone and everything, our efforts must produce better results so we can Exceed Expectations (see linked video). As described, this is to Practice Paneugenesis (see linked video). By doing this better outcomes that produce comprehensive benefits will just happen.

Be Well’r,

Craig Becker